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I am Nandan, a digital growth hacker by profession. Since my childhood, I was a marketer; I began my journey at the age of 13 as a counter sales executive in a medical shop and served for six years as a part-timer until my graduation.

After graduation, I stepped into the fashion retail industry and worked with brands like Globus and Lifestyle for two years.

Being in Retail Sales & Marketing for 8 Years felt Bit Monotonous and I don’t want to confined between four walls .

However , I fell in love with Marketing and want to Explore my Knowledge & Skill in Marketing so Decided to Diversify my career in Marketing to take New challenges . I stepped into field marketing in the year 2003.


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Are you a Startup?
Looking for a digital
boost to your business
Are you Firefighting
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to the globle market?
Is your Digital Brand
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I have helped many companies to grow their business exponentially through proven digital marketing methods – I can do the same to your business too!