Know Me | Nandan Digital Talks

I am Nandan, a digital growth hacker by profession. Since my childhood, I was a marketer; I began my journey at the age of 13 as a counter sales executive in a medical shop and served for six years as a part-timer until my graduation.

After graduation, I stepped into the fashion retail industry and worked with brands like Globus and Lifestyle for two years.

Being in Retail Sales & Marketing for 8 Years felt Bit Monotonous and I don’t want to confined between four walls .

However , I fell in love with Marketing and want to Explore my Knowledge & Skill in Marketing so Decided to Diversify my career in Marketing to take New challenges . I stepped into field marketing in the year 2003.

Banking sector personal loan and credit card sector was emerging and was growing rapidly in India and this is the time most overseas banks entered India market to capture their market share in loan segment, so I felt this will be one of the right platforms to explore his field sales, I got the opportunity and worked for various banks like standard charted, ABN Amro, and ING Vysya.

Within 2 years’ time frame national banks also started entering to personal loan & credit card segment and became too competitive and the market started saturating and getting client and conversation become difficult.

As a marketer, I was eager to explore a new field altogether, and it was when I saw an ad in the newspaper for the Media industry. It was a walk-in interview, so I thought, why not! Among the crowd of MBA degree holders, I paved my path to get the job, and my journey in the Media industry began in 2005. I worked in this domain for seven years with companies like Indiamart, Tradeindia , alibaba and Getit.

7 year Journey of Media Industry I gained tonnes of knowledge about Business and its Operation and this journey Made me to feel that I am doing MBA in Harvard Business School .

Being an experienced marketing professional who has 15 years of experience in Sales & Marketing now decided to take the journey of entrepreneurship. At this point of his life, equipped with the knowledge on this business, his interest with its latent capacity, and a "dream", he wanted to set out on a digital marketing journey, and this is how the conceptualization of Addpro happened in the year 2012.

Since then, We serve 800+ clients to Grow their Business Digitally , generated 1M+ leads, and our overall growth has resulted in 90% client retention. Thriving to help 5,000 businesses to grow by 2025, I am learning and exploring all my way through.